A lesson on misleading graphs from the National Review

Lenny Teytelman Dec 15, 2015

Wikipedia has a long article on "misleading graphs". It's an excellent article on graph distortion, but it's long. So to help those of us with a shortage of time, National Review has produced the following graph to argue that there is no global warming.

Doesn't that line look flat? So nothing to worry about! As Katie Mack points out:

I'd like to thank the National Review for such a concise illustration of the importance of proper choice of axes ranges. Also many thanks to the many people who responded with the following gems.


[Update, 9/14/2015]

Aron Roberts points out that this graph is only retweeted by National Review, but originally comes from, The Only Global Warming Chart You Need from Now On. Whatever the source, Ian Tuttle, author of the National Review article in the above tweet apparently doesn't think that graph is misleading.

[Update, 9/15/2015]

I just learned about Shut up about the y-axis. It shouldn’t always start at zero from Johnny Harris and Matthew Yglesias. It's superb.

[Update, 9/15/2015]

I had an interesting "conversation" with the creator of this chart, Professor Steven F. Hayward. Steven argues that it's the "climatists" who distort the temperature charts in order to scare people.