Happy Birthday Hubble! #hubble25

Michelle Collins Apr 23, 2015

April 24th marks the Hubble Space Telescopes 25th birthday! I posted a little about the lead up to this fabulous event a while back, during the Hubble Mania tournament, which pitted some of Hubble's most Iconic images against one another for the privilege of being the greatest image. The winner was the Eagle Nebula (not the Crab Nebula, as I was hoping... not bitter...).

To mark this auspicious occasion, Hubble has released it's 25th anniversary photo: an image of the Westerlund 2 cluster, a stellar nursery where some of the galaxy's most massive stars are currently being born. And there is also a barrage of other Hubble images hitting the web. Some of my favourite features (so far) are these unforgettable images of Hubble from the NYT, Phil Plait's 12.5 greatest Hubble images at Slate, Mashable's favourite images, the BBC's Hubble in pictures article... I mean, basically you get it. I could link to articles about Hubble images ALL DAY. But I've got a talk on dark energy to attend... so I can't ;)

But finally, I just want to say that Hubble has been a simply INCREDIBLE instrument for astronomers. It has made so many discoveries, and is still going strong. We're hoping it lasts until 2020, and continues to provide us with stunning images and stellar science. Go Hubble, go!

And Happy Birthday from Astronomers everywhere!