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Lenny Teytelman
Co-founder of ZappyLab.

So brains are not "less active in lectures than during sleep."

Lenny TeytelmanJun 30, 2014Comments
Blogger @Neuro_Skeptic covers a paper by Ken Masters, "Nipping an education myth in the bud: Poh’s brain activity during lectures". It's a response to a 2010 paper by Ming-Zher Poh "A Wearable Sensor for Unobtrusive, Long-TermAssessment of Electrodermal Activity".   Interestingly, Masters is not so much debunking the Poh paper as its abuse in the education field. The excerpt ~  read more

Chemical/Biotech/Science-free products

Lenny TeytelmanJun 27, 2014Comments
Nature Chemistry just published online "A comprehensive overview of chemical-free consumer products" by Alex Goldberg and CJ Chemjobber. Now, please don't do the thing we always do as scientists where you glance at the abstract but don't open the paper. Read the paper! It won't take long. This is by far the shortest and most brilliant critique of the "nature=good/science=bad" product ~  read more

Please photograph and tweet this poster

Lenny TeytelmanJun 26, 2014Comments
Fascinating discussion of photographing, tweeting, and generally sharing results at conference presentations. Apparently, the International Society of Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) prohibits photo-taking of posters and talks, as do most other societies. Moreover, they tried to suggest a policy for Tweeting - "okay for general findings but not for pics or data." Live tweeting of general findings at ~  read more

Perhaps we should shut down Nature rather than RIKEN?

Lenny TeytelmanJun 21, 2014Comments
I am simply stunned to read that the STAP debacle might lead to the closing of RIKEN. The investigation found severe lack of oversight, throughout the hierarchy of the institute. I am stunned because if we do assign blame past the authors of the stem cell papers, shouldn't most of it fall on Nature for publishing? Perhaps we should shut down Nature? I am not joking. It's not just Nature ~  read more

Poop, Dr. Oz, and the senate hearing on weight loss scams

Lenny TeytelmanJun 20, 2014Comments
My wife first learned of Dr. Oz in 2008, before he even had his own show. As a physician assistant in gastroenterology, she suddenly started getting questions from many patients about the calligraphy of their stool. She came home several times, stunned by the question, "Is it okay that my stool is not shaped like the letter 'S'?" Eventually it became unbearable and she asked a patient where ~  read more

Overnight success or decades of effort?

Lenny TeytelmanJun 13, 2014Comments
This is a terrific example of how decades of hard work can suddenly be transformed into an "overnight success" in a mass media story. Having had a front-row seat since 2003 to the challenging fight to kill academic subscription journals, I just couldn't let this article go. So I wrote "The Open Access and Science Visionaries" in ~  read more