Scientists find evidence for a massive ocean on Mars

Michelle Collins Mar 05, 2015

The amount and longevity of water on the surface of Mars is something scientists have tried to accurately determine for decades. Today, scientists from NASA released compelling evidence that Mars once possessed a massive ocean, that covered roughly half of its northern hemisphere. This huge ocean, containing 20 million cubic kilometres of water, mean that Mars was probably water rich in its youth, and not just sporadically populated by the odd stream here and there. Check out the offical press release here, and a movie here.

Such a vast ocean would have been able to stick around for millions of years, and adds to a growing body of evidence that life might have been able to evolve there. Of course, it takes more than just water to form life, and these results are not indicative of the existance of Martians. But they add to a picture of Mars as a previously wet, possibly lush, maybe habitable rock. Pretty neat!