The arXiv hits 1 million papers!

Michelle Collins Dec 30, 2014

In 1991, Paul Ginsparg started an online bulletin board to post papers in a subfield of theoretical high-engergy physics for himself and a few hundred friends and collegaues. Now, 23 years later, this electronic bulletin board has  blossomed into the arXiv, an online pre-print server that publishes around 8000 articles per months, and receives over 10 million download requests per month. And this week, on the 29th December 2014, it reached a major milestone: the 1 millionth paper published on the arXiv!

The arXiv has revolutionised access to papers across the physical sceinces (and beyond). The idea behind it is to publish your paper online here as well as through a journal of your choice. This allows you to publish your work rapidly, get feedback from the community as it is refereed by a journal, and substantially widen your audience, as the arXiv is completely open access. This means anyone, anywhere can read the papers being produced by scientists across a multitude of fields, for free. The cost of running the arXiv is around $890,000 per year, amounting to about $10 per paper, and the bill is footed by donations from member institutions, such as Universities and the SImons Foundation, and goes to show that open access is an affordable goal.

The nominal one millionth article was written by Ashwini Maurya, and is titled 'A Well Conditioned and Sparse Estimate of Covariance and Inverse Covariance Matrix Using a Joint Penalty'. Nice work, Ashwini! :)