The LHC restart has commenced!

Michelle Collins Apr 05, 2015

Everyone's favourite* particle collider is up and running again after a 2 year break. During it's time off, the Large Hadron Collider has undergone a revamp, so it can collide particles at almost twice the energies it was managing before. The hope is that these higher energies will allow us to glimpse some new physics. Perhaps we'll finally see a dark matter particle? Or evidence for the theory of super symmetry? Who knows... we're out of standard model stuff now, after the discovery of the Higgs. But we're far from knowing everything. The only question is, whether the LHC will reach the energies required for such discoveries. And as we don't what energies these are a priori, the only way to find out is to wait and watch.

*alright. MY favourite particle collider. I went inside it once, on my birthday in 2004. It was AWESOME.

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