This applies to ice cream, too, right?

Jacob Mayfield Sep 30, 2014

Two new studies seem to show that delicious, full-fat, whole milk dairy products are actually correlated with better health outcomes.  Why?  That's still an open question.

Perhaps because people who eat them are happier?  Maybe not, but... my eyes, the logic behind recommending against consuming full-fat dairy was surprisingly shaky.  I was going skewer nutritional science for yet another case of confusing correlation with causation (whole milk is high in colesterol and therefore must be avoided), but I've looked at enough QTL analyses and microarray experiments to know that molecular biologists are just as bad.  Perhaps the real issue is confusing scientific results with actionable conclusions.  In molecular biology, this contributes to "missing heritibility", but in nutrition, bacon suddenly becomes a forbidden fruit.  Mmmmm, bacon.